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The area around the main train station in Leipzig is undergoing a transformation combined with an improvement in social quality. The building on Gerberstrasse is getting an upgrade to the facade, which will help to define the space through fresh colors.

The lower two floors are combined in the facade for ground floor and
1st floor designed in a plinth façade with continuous glass parts and high-quality cladding elements. The proposed uses of the ground floor + 1st floor area - communal facilities, service areas, maisonette apartments with garden area - thus have an impact on the urban space.

The building at Gerberstrasse 14 to 16 in Leipzig was built in 1969/70. The central aisle building has no basement and is nine stories high. The extension at Gerberstrasse 16 has five stories with four-room apartments. In total, the complex has 256 apartments, each with one to five rooms. The apartments are vacant.

The planning objective is a complex renovation including the building services systems while retaining the existing residential structure. Furthermore, pollutant remediation, fire protection renovation and upgrades for fire protection, thermal insulation and sound insulation will be carried out. The apartments from the 1st to the 9th floor will be completely renovated, some with changes to the floor plan. The technical systems of the entire building will be renewed (KG400). The existing mezzanine will be converted to residential use. This will create around 16 new, barrier-free residential units (1 to 3 rooms).

The number of building entrances will be reduced from two to one. A central entrance area with a concierge will be created. Various communal areas will be designed. The ground floor will be converted and commercial space will be created in the intermediate building. The facade will be renovated and all windows will be replaced with the required sound insulation class. The flat roof will be replaced.


Preliminary Design

Basic Engineering Design

Permit Design

Detailed Engineering Design

Tendering & Procurement

Site Supervision

Maintenance Management
Specialist planning fire protection LP 1 - 8
Specialist planning building physics LP 1 - 5


KG 300: 7.4 million euros
KG 400: 4.4 million euros


05/2020 - 11/2020


01/2021 - 03/2022

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